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Wow, I haven't updated in a while. I keep thinking I do, but I don't. Weird...

WELL, let's see.
Firstly, the radio show has been going ok lately. In our second week we did a disney hour and a beatles hour. Itunes gave us lousy mp3s for the disney hour, which makes me cry (all the alladin stuff sounded bad ::cries::) And last week nobody unlocked the radio station door so I couldn't do the show. I was going to play an hour of paul simon and simon and garfunkel, so I might give the cd I made to liz (my co-host) and ask her to put it on (but she might not). So, actually, come to think of it, the show hasn't been going that smoothly I suppose. Oh well.

Classes are good. I actually enjoy my Biochemistry class (HUH?!). It totally destroys the Luzitanian theorum: Biology + Chemistry = miserable Luzo. I suppose I should rework it.
English class is cool. I really got into some of the poetry he had us read (Shakespeare's Sonnets and Elizabeth Bishop poems).
I started trying to write in blank verse (iambic pentameter with no rhyme), and it really makes reading aloud more fun. People at the writer's guild meeting seemed to like the sonnet I wrote.
Philosophy class is fun, we've started going over logic. Here's an example about Elvis:

"If Elvis died, he died either when he was living or when he was dead. But he did not die while living; for assuredly he was living nad as living he had not died. Nor when he died; for then he would be twice dead. Therefore, Elvis did not die."

Calculus is Calculus.

I've also watched a lot of movies lately. Last night we watched Ladder 49 which was pretty good but a bit predictable. Before that we watched Schindler's List, which is of course an amazing piece. Before that we watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, which I've seen about 10 times and I still love it. I saw Crash, which was good. Before that we did the whole LOTR trilogy. Film club is going to be showing the 6 star wars movies, one per night, when the 3rd one comes out on dvd. That should be cool.

Now, let me try to remember to update before christmas.
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