isavedlatin2x (isavedlatin2x) wrote,

What to say

ISavedLatinTwice: oh captain my captain
PLETHORAof fries: hahahha
PLETHORAof fries: whats up mj
ISavedLatinTwice: not much cj
ISavedLatinTwice: i'm trying to update my live journal
ISavedLatinTwice: but i didn't do anything today lol
PLETHORAof fries: i havent done that in like a week
PLETHORAof fries: hahahaha
PLETHORAof fries: write about like
PLETHORAof fries: i dunno
ISavedLatinTwice: lol
ISavedLatinTwice: wow
ISavedLatinTwice: you're very helpful, thank you

Yeah, so now I remember why I never update my journal--nothing ever happens to me. So I've decided to make some things up. Today a minotaur ate my classmates.
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