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My Courses

Course Day Building Room
Chinese Culture Monday, Wednesday, Friday Robert 201
Literary Analysis & Interpretation Monday, Wednesday, Friday Robert 201
Intro to Regional Geography Monday, Wednesday, Friday Robert 201
Western Thought: Ancient-Medieval TBA Honors Building 002
Caculus I Monday, Wednesday, Friday Robert 201
Gym Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday Gymnasium N/A
Five classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday (unless western thought is also on those days, which would mean I would have to be in two classes at once and I don't have a time machine).

It should be a weird first semester. Nothing to do on Tuesdays and Thursdays (except work for Wednesday and Friday). Crazy stuff.

I got to see DMB in concert last night. It was a great show but he played about 7 songs from his new album (which isn't that great) so I didn't know any of them. He did play a bunch of cool ones that I did know, though, among them: Everyday, Crush, Don't Drink the Water, #34, and they closed with Rapunzel which was awesome.

A lot of really obvious songs he didn't play though (Satellite, Ants Marching, Crash Into Me, to name a few). Oh well, it still owned.
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