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And now time for something completely unrelated to my life.

ISavedLatinTwice: moooo
CallMeDeadFicus: hi
ISavedLatinTwice: wassaaaapppp
CallMeDeadFicus: Ian and I are the only ones left.
ISavedLatinTwice: wow
ISavedLatinTwice: so which one of you is the murderer?
CallMeDeadFicus: well, Linsey probably died from the cold
ISavedLatinTwice: oh don't you play like you don't know!
ISavedLatinTwice: YOU KILLED HER
ISavedLatinTwice: YOU MONSTER
ISavedLatinTwice: or ian did
ISavedLatinTwice: one of you
ISavedLatinTwice: MONSTER
CallMeDeadFicus: It was steve
ISavedLatinTwice: the fish?!
ISavedLatinTwice: MONSTER
CallMeDeadFicus: hey, waitaminute, my AIM wasn't even on!
ISavedLatinTwice: ::shifty eyes::
ISavedLatinTwice: well i've got to go now
CallMeDeadFicus: Who are you really?
ISavedLatinTwice: i need to go like
ISavedLatinTwice: not dispose of bodies
CallMeDeadFicus: I don't know how you did it, but somehow this AIM this means you're spying on me.
CallMeDeadFicus: *thing
ISavedLatinTwice: which one is thing?
CallMeDeadFicus: this
ISavedLatinTwice: yes but which this
CallMeDeadFicus: the second one
CallMeDeadFicus: I'm typing sideways.
ISavedLatinTwice: i see
ISavedLatinTwice: that's suspicious
ISavedLatinTwice: a little too suspicious!
ISavedLatinTwice: ::arrests you::
CallMeDeadFicus: You set me up, YOU SET ME UP.
ISavedLatinTwice: we're gonna lock you away for a long time!
CallMeDeadFicus: the cheat tell him he set you up
ISavedLatinTwice: the Scud Snippler will never see the light of day again!!
CallMeDeadFicus: It was all that lady news investigators fault, damn Busty Shoezangle!
CallMeDeadFicus: She set me up
ISavedLatinTwice: no, it wasn't busty shoezangle or chesty mcbigglebreast
ISavedLatinTwice: they didn't snitch on you
ISavedLatinTwice: it was johnny "the snitch" malone
CallMeDeadFicus: Dang, why didn't a reveal my secrets to Johnny "tight-lips" Shabadoo.
CallMeDeadFicus: *I
CallMeDeadFicus: gog, I suck at typing.
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