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A little work and a little play makes Matt something something...

Started work again today in Providence. I have to build a database, which I have no clue how to do so I have to use the information superhighway to teach me. But it's fun (other companies give us christmas chocolates).

On Friday Night we had the company christmas party. Nothing like 44 drunk 45 year olds. But cain went with me so it was cool. Then Saturday I hung out with catherine and jenna all day. On Monday the three of us plus mr. landoch went to the silver city galleria. Chris and I looked at many many video games, yet purchased none. He was drooling pretty good over The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Two clerks at Electronics Boutique had to muzzle him and drag him outside. Then we went to bath and body works (which was obviously me and chris's idea and not jenna and catherine's). We got Orange Julius's and tricked catherine into thinking we were talking "smack" about her. Many a dirty, distrustful glare was shot.
Tonight Cain and I got lost in massachusetts (not my fault this time :P)
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